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This listing has already occurred and is has now expired, it has been retained for viewing for historical / archival purposes.

After astounding Sydney and Melbourne audiences in 2011 with their confronting presence, The Frontier Touring Company is pleased to announce the return of the legendary Swans to Australia next February. One of the most influential bands to emerge from New York’s ‘No Wave’ movement of the early 1980s, Swans have spent 30 years carving their uncompromising sounds into the “dark” musical world.

Since their inception, Swans have amassed an impressive 12 studio album catalogue; and at each step of the journey relentlessly pushed boundaries and pummelled listeners into rarely explored depths with their dissonant sounds.

Since front man and driving force Michael Gira decided to reconvene the group in 2010 after over a decade-long hiatus, Swans have released two studio albums and one live recording, the latest of which, ‘The Seer’, has had nothing short of exceptional reviews since its release (including ratings of 8/10 on NME and Spin and 9.0 on Pitchfork).

Time: 8:30pm

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