Earthless "Aust Tour"

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Southern California's psychedelic high priests return to the promised land for a tour de force!

It's official, Southern California's psychedelic high priests EARTHLESS are finally returning to the promised Land!
After a two year absence from this golden land Australia, North America's finest are venturing South of the equator once again and giving us what we all need, what we've all been asking for, a blast of no holds bared, old school heavy psych!

Landing on planet Earth in 2001, and residing in the dusty dunes of San Diego, Earthless are a kick ass power trio consisting of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell (also a member of Howling Rain), bassist Mike Eginton (owner of Thirst Moon records), and drummer & ex-pro skater Mario Rubalcaba (also a member of Hot Snakes and OFF!).

Since their first release, Sonic Prayer (2005, Gravity records), Earthless have been blowing minds all over the cosmos, with their sophomore album, Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (2007, Tee Pee records), it was abundantly clear that Earthless were a non-stop sonic force to reckoned with, a World Class rock n roll band that had something vital to say, sonically speaking of course.

I say this with the upmost confidence, and that being, in this day and age, there's very few bands that can honestly pay tribute to the influences they wear on their sleeves and deliver technically as a kick ass live band, and that be the truth. Far too many bands fall by the way side of being a parody of who they think they are, or want to be, which they aren't.
Thankfully Earthless aren't one of those bands, they're the real deal, and they're fans know it!

For those of you that aren't familiar with Earthless, they essentially a high energy rock n roll band that pay honest to god homage to the masters of 60's and 70's psych, prog, and kraut rock like Can, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Black Sabbath, with the kind of confidence that leaves all the witness them live in oar.

This December, EARTHLESS will be returning to Australia!
Starting off at Meredith Music Festival, Earthless will be hitting every major City Nationally!

Do your self a favor, surrender to Earthless and succumb to the powers that be, see them live!!!

Price: $33.50

Time: 7:30pm

Visit moshtix website below to buy tickets online.

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