Northern QLD Area Sports Articles & Top Picks

  • Australia is very much a sporting country. With high participation in both professional and amateur formats of different codes, sport has an import... more

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  • Best Outdoor Sports in Townsville Don’t waste a sunny day! Whether you’ve chosen to stick to dry land or hit the waves, there is nothing better th... more

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  • Townsville is home to some of the best and most envious fishing spots in the world. Fish tend to congregate in the warm water that Townsville is re... more

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  • Tired of being cooped up at home for the big game? You want to grab a nice beer and some quality food while you cheer on your team with some friend... more

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  • Surfer John McCarthy once said, “surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven”. If that’s your life motto... more

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  • Social sports are all about the health benefits of regular exercise, combined with the endless fun of making new friends and catching up with old o... more

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  • Take a walk on the wild side, we dare you. Townsville offers its own exclusive range of extreme sports and we’re here to share them with you.... more

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  • Looking for ways to get fit and have fun, whatever the weather? Today’s list of top indoor sports to try is packed with terrific picks for Townsvil... more

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  • Do you ever find yourself roaming around the Strand or Esplanade and think to yourself “I wish there was more to do in this city”? Well... more

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  • After a long week, what more could you want than a trip to the spa for recuperation and rejuvenation? These Townsville day spas are the perfect des... more

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