Northern QLD Area Community Articles & Top Picks

  • Your community does a lot for you and the possibilities of its growth are endless. Assist your community as much as possible to ensure its continue... more

    community · give back · voulnteer
  • Townsville offers a great range of Australia Day celebrations for all ages. Spend the day under the great Aussie sun with the loved ones celebratin... more

    australia day · community · free event
  • Social sports are all about the health benefits of regular exercise, combined with the endless fun of making new friends and catching up with old o... more

    young adult · active · community · exercise · fitness · group sport · health · social · sport · team sport
  • If you’ve got a style that surpasses department store fashions, then there’s no better place to flaunt it than Townsville! Add some hidden gems to ... more

    bargain clothes · market · shopping
  • A location famed for its great beaches, there’s only once place to be on Australia Day in the Townsville area. With tons of great locations, each o... more

    australia day · beach

  • Being under 18 can certainly make you feel like there’s nothing fun to do at night, but that’s definitely not the case in Townsville! T... more

    ghost tour · night activities · young adult
  • Townsville is divided by the Ross River but not divided by the interests of its inhabitants. One popular, shared interest among the people is fitne... more

    exercise · relaxation · yoga
  • Just because you find yourself in one of the warmest cities in Queensland, doesn’t mean you can’t be there in comfort and cosiness, rig... more

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  • Looking for ways to get fit and have fun, whatever the weather? Today’s list of top indoor sports to try is packed with terrific picks for Townsvil... more

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  • Exploring Townsville doesn’t have to put a dent in your bank account! We’ve found the best wallet-friendly ways to get the most out of this fantast... more

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