AroundYou Internship Program

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  • Supriya

    Supriya Dunham

    What attracted me to the AroundYou Internship Program was the positive work environment and opportunity to work with the Managing Director. Looking back on my decision to take part in the program, I can honestly say that participating in an AroundYou Internship was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional career. I was given the freedom to liaise with several different departments, from Sales to Marketing and HR while becoming an integral part of day-to-day operations. By putting skills I learned at University to practical use, I advanced my knowledge-base and gained important feedback from experts in my field.

    Because of my achievements during my internship, I was invited to stay on as a full-time member of staff and I have been encouraged to apply my skills to a variety of functions. While assisting with content marketing, I also have the opportunity to work closely with senior staff and participate in strategic decision-making. The expertise that I have developed during my internship and employment with AroundYou is invaluable and will continue to provide exceptional career opportunities for me in the future. I would highly recommend the AroundYou Internship Program to anyone looking for a rewarding learning experience.

  • Hannah

    Hannah McManus

    Towards the end of my university degree, I gained an internship at AroundYou. After studying Communication and Media Studies for a few years, I was honestly surprised at how much I had to learn from the experience. Not only was I able to put what I was learning in my degree into practice but I was able to see what really happens behind the scenes in the world of communications, journalism and marketing.

    AroundYou gave me the opportunity to spread my wings as a writer, honing my skills and developing various styles of writing. Being a published author on such a large website while I was still studying was an incredible perk of interning at AroundYou. My internship opened more doors than I could have imagined. I am now employed as the full-time SEO Content Writer for AroundYou.

  • Jessica

    Jessica Gordoun

    I started as an intern at AroundYou and completed a 6 week program. AroundYou encouraged me to use my own initiative and fostered my passion for human resources. The internship program helped me gain skills in CRM, Excel, Human Resource Management, procedure documentation and general office skills. After applying myself and completing the 6 week program, AroundYou offered me a part-time paid position as a Human Resources and Procedures Specialist.

    As a full-time university student, I am thrilled to be able to be studying and working in my chosen profession. As a result of my internship and employment at AroundYou, I have been able to expand my skill-base and have been afforded inconceivable opportunities.

  • Melissa

    Melissa Lewis

    During my Internship at AroundYou, I was able to gain real-world experience within the journalism and digital media industry. As I am in my final year at University, studying B. Communications (majoring in Advertising), AroundYou Internship gave me the opportunity to utilise and build on skills previously learnt in my degree.

    During my Internship I was given much freedom in what I focused my article writing on. Contributing to the website allowed me to further develop my writing skills and showcase my work on a public online platform. I found it a great, valuable experience to gain feedback from other interns and supervisors on my writing, and to edit other intern’s work. Managing the website including scheduling hero banners, uploading articles, editing event listings, etc., was a great way to learn how an online business works and it provided me with knowledge and skills to further my degree. It was also great to work on a variety of projects each day – no day was the same!

    With hard work and commitment to the Internship, I extended my initial 3 month program to 6, and after that was offered a paid part time position. The Internship was a great way to learn how AroundYou operates and gave me a feel for the real digital media world. The paid part time position continues to be enjoyable and rewarding – I know I definitely want to pursue further work with an online platform!

  • Ashley

    Ashley Diterlizzi

    The AroundYou internship program allowed me to learn about the media industry in a much more practical way. The program was really flexible which is great for a journalism student like myself. I learnt more about the marketing side of the media industry than I had known previously and was able to explore my writing and creativity further.

    The internship program was a rewarding experience which allowed me to gain practical learning experiences and actually contribute to a marketing business. I had many opportunities to contribute to a number of projects and was able to progress to a part time position as a result.