Art AroundYou: March

Embrace autumn with some classy art gallery visits – here’s a quick guide to the must-see exhibitions for March.

March is the month to demonstrate your savvy art enthusiast skills; organise a gallery-hopping day to catch the ends of some exhibitions and use this ideal period to see exhibitions closing early April, ahead of the frantic last-minute crowds.


If you haven’t visited already, make sure to see the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art exhibition at Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art will be a feast for the senses as it showcases cutting-edge works exclusively from Asia, the Pacific and Australia. Seventy-five artists, 27 countries and art forms that range from sculptures to performance art, photography and cinema, what else is there to ask for? Enjoy works by Aboriginal Australian artists and contemporary works from emerging young artists from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Travel down the White Rabbit Gallery hole to the Smash Palace exhibition, offering glimpses into the thoughts of China’s most radical, intriguing artists, opening 1 March.

Be surprised by the young talent of top-performing Year 12 Visual Arts students at ArtExpress 2013 exhibiting throughout March across NSW in metropolitan and regional art galleries across NSW. Those who linger at the NSW Art Gallery will be treated to the bold, vibrant, revolutionary paintings of the Papunya Tula artists, as well as Brett Whitley’s unique, abstract art in the London Years (1960 – 1967), closing 7 April.


The capital has much to offer in March – you could be transported to the vibrant, eclectic world of 19th Century France at the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at the National Art Gallery, closing 2 April (make sure you check out the family room for some all-ages fun). Schedule a visit to the National Portrait Gallery across the road while you’re at it to catch Ralph Hieman’s stately Glorious: A Diamond Jubilee portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II before it leaves for the UK on March 31.


Fans of Monet and the Impressionist movement will see the reinvention and progression of the style at the Radiance: Neo Impressionist exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, featuring iconic works like Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (1884). Those looking for photos with a bit of drama might be blown away – quite literally – by the Jeff Wall photography exhibition and by the amazing cardboard and paper sculptures of Thomas Demand that recreate important political or traumatic events – but make sure you’re there by 17 March.


If you’ve ever wanted to see the beauty of the sunset captured in oil on canvas, the Turner from the Tate exhibition is a must-see. South Australians will be the first in Australia to see British painter and the ‘father of light’ J.M.W Turner’s luminous, Romantic landscape works this March.


New York and photography enthusiasts in Western Australia will love the 150 works in the Picturing New York exhibition, chronicling the development of the ‘city that never sleeps’ in snapshots and camera flashes. Experience this journey before its close on 14 March.


The Northern Territory’s Contemporary Art Gallery 24HRArt will be quieter mid-March, so make sure you catch the Psychic Hairdo, Wasted and Magnified, Subaqueous Knit and Made Manifest exhibitions before 9 March. Come back after 22 March to be treated to four exhibitions in one visit: Ghost Citizens: Witnessing the Intervention, Past Perfect Future Continuous and Window Shopping.

Words: Christina Guo